Well, if THEY are back…

The Cars and Blondie both have new albums out, their respective first releases in years.  No word on if this will result in a revival of the Cassette format, but if vinyl can get new consideration, anything is possible.  Personally, I draw the line at 8-Tracks.

A few other records from 80’s favourites can’t be far behind.  Here are some suspected releases.

HairCut 100 – We Didn’t Like the Last One

Thomas Dolby – Now Even Less Noise

Level 42 – Running in the Joke

Tracy Chapman – Still Not Very Happy

The MOR Power of The Alan Parsons Project

Wang Chung – Everybody Just Get A Grip On Yourselves! Enough of this Horseplay.

Midnight Oil – Just About Out

Corey Hart – An Audible Pout

The Parachute Club – Falling Fast

A Flock of Seagulls – Circling Garbage