Political Scandals NO ONE Was Interested In.

Former Newfoundland Premier, Danny Williams, constantly returned items to Zellers in failed attempt to scam Club Z points.

Bill Clinton made “friendly wagers” on outcome of Monopoly matches with daughter, Chelsea.

Former Greek Prime Minister, Andreas Papandreou, alledgedly “not a fan” of acting legend, Anthony Quinn.

1970’s Canadian Conservative Leader, Robert Stanfield, preferred “Fruit of the Loom.”  (Not a euphemism!)

U.S. President Richard Nixon accidentily tried peyote in 1958 after mis-hearing it as “paté.”

UK PM, Tony Blair, confided to a confidante in 1998 that if he wasn’t married, he would “totally fancy” Ginger Spice.

During 1980 campaign fundraiser, Ted Kennedy didn’t get irony from Paul Simon performance of “Bridge Over Troubled Waters.”

Swedish Prime Minister, Ingvar Carlsson, caught listening to Norwegian pop superstars, a-Ha, in his car during April 1987 commute to work.

Canadian Liberal backbencher, Ernie Parsons, completed 42 books of Sudoku during sessions in Parliament while serving his single term of 2 years, 4 months.

U.S. President George Bush authorizes invasion of Iraq.  Things don’t go smoothly.