One Year From Now

On December 1st, 2010, I will become 42 years of age.  I quite like the prospect of being 42 for a whole year.  Forty-two as some may know, is the answer to the ultimate question of Life, The Universe and Everything as proposed by the great Douglas Adams.

Ove the course of the next 12 months, I’m going make it my goal to try and lose the 50-odd pounds I’ve been carrying around with me for awhile.  I’m doing this for a variety of reasons.

1.  I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Dragging around this much weight is literally weighing me down, with no energy for life and interests.

2.  I’m curious if people will treat me any differently.  While I don’t feel outright prejudice in my life, I do suspect that if I was a slim man in my 40’s, my opportunities would be different, if not better.

3.  Most importantly, I’m looking to change my eating habits.  At present, my daily diet consists of chicken, usually deep-fried in burger, finger or pieces form, accompanied by fries or wedges.  Occasionally, I have pork chops and fries, turkey and fries, roast beef and fries.  I also eat bacon and eggs with some regularity.  Less so, I do apples, bananas, mashed potato, hash browns.  And that’s basically it.  You could spend hours wondering if I eat this or that, but my answer will most assuredly be No.  The reason this has been my diet for pretty much 30-35 years solid is quite complex, but I’ll write about later.

For today, I’m also pledging to do a daily blog about my thoughts on this.  It’s a start but maybe I can also write my way out of this.

Over the last month, I’ve significantly reduced the amount of caffeinated beverages I drink.  It’s mostly been in the form of cola over 35 years, with the occasional coffee seeping in.

I switched to decaf drinks like Sprite or Root Beer (Not Barq’s) but realistically, it’s the sugar and carbs in these drinks that are my undoing and continuing to ingest them will be be to my cost.  The thing is, I have to find a way to drink and eat healthier and given my limited diet, finding those alternatives are not as easy as it is for someone else.

At the point, my inability to try other types has become something akin to a phobia.  It’s like a fear of heights.  Not readily explained, and you do anything to avoid being faced with being exposed to situations where your phobia is exposed.

My social and professional life has been hampered by this diet and I know things will only get worse and more solitary for me if I don’t change things.

On the up side, I may not have to do it for long as I suspect I’ll be dead by the time I’m 52, if not sooner.

So, let’s see where we are one year from now.