One Year From Now – DAY 2: Vitamins

So, today was a travel day. Was up at 5am to get on the road to Edmonton, AB. I’ll be broadcasting from the capital this week-end and attending some of the events around town.

This will be a challenge for me to try and keep a promise to myself I made on Monday to avoid fast food and soft drinks this week. So far, just one soft drink since Monday (a Sprite) and no fast food. I’ve brought some microwavable stuff with me to eat at the hotel, so we’ll see how edible that is.

I have brought my vitamins with me. I really do have to get in the habit of taking thses things every day. I have deficencies in just about about everything, but most notable is D, B12 and Iron.

I took note of what I take, when I take my vitamins. A good week is three times in the morning. A bad week is not all. I also have to keep flare-ups of gout in check, so I add something for that.

3000mg Black Cherry Extract
4000ui Vitamin D
2 Spectrum Daily
6000mcg B12
2400mg Omega 3-6-9
1000mg Vitamin C
1200mg Iron
2 Aspirin

It’s now 2:17pm and I’m getting quite itchy for a drink. I guess this is the cravings for sugar or something.

Well, my advice was to keep busy and drink lots of water, so it’s back to the cooler for me.