Just a handful of comments from the night bin Laden announced dead.

Neil deGrasse Tyson
neiltyson Neil deGrasse Tyson
Two American goals that took a decade, and more than $100 billion to achieve: 1) Walk on the Moon 2) Find Bin Laden
Sean Thomason
TheThomason Sean Thomason
Obama: “Anybody else wanna see my birth certificate?” Drops mic, walks away.
Michael Moore
MMFlint Michael Moore

STUPID [Bush] pursues 2 reckless wars, let’s OBL escape Tora Bora, keeps looking in caves. SMART [Obama] sends in small strikeforce, no troops killed 2day.
Piers Morgan
piersmorgan Piers Morgan
Amazing coincidence – Adolf Hitler’s death in 1945 was also announced to the world on May 1.
Josh Gad
joshgad Josh Gad
Wait. So, he was living in a mansion in the middle of a huge city. Pakistan, you got some splaining to do.
Jeff Marek
JeffMarek Jeff Marek

Wonder what Bruce Boudreau, who was supposed to be on United Airlines flight 175, is feeling tonight?
Neil Macdonald
neilcbc Neil Macdonald
This is the president who’s been called a weakling on national security, and soft on terrorism.
Russell Bowers
VoiceOfRuss Russell Bowers

Would prefer justice to death for Bin Laden, but I hope that the culture of a political & cultural bogeyman will die with him.
the government man
me_irl the government man

Beloved character actor Osama bin Laden, star of TV’s “Fox News”, dies age 54.
Paris Hilton
ParisHilton Paris Hilton
Back in LA. Can’t wait to get home to my pets. I miss my babies.