First Line-Last Line Book Preview #4

This is my recurring book preview, “First Line-Last Line” for Monday, March 4, 2013.

The high-impact preview for low-impact people.


Today’s book:


Plutocrats by Chrystia Freeland

Plutocrats by Chrystia Freeland


For her book, Plutocrats, business writer Chrystia Freeland explores the current growing disparity between the poor, the rich and the Super-Rich.  They seem to a class of people immune to global economic changes and indeed, often benefits from drops and setbacks in the market.


Published by Random House.


First Line:  “If you are looking at the date when America’s plutocracy had its coming-out party, you could do worse than choose June 21, 2007.”


Last Line:  “But, even as Levy’s successors at mighty Goldman Sachs are learning, that can be harder than it sounds.”