First Line-Last Line Book Preview #2



This is my weekly book preview, “First Line-Last Line” for Wednesday, January 9, 2013.

The high-impact preview for low-impact people.


Today’s book:

Dark Diversions by John Ralston SaulIn Dark Diversions, John Ralston Saul stages a black comedy that takes the reader from New York to Paris to Morocco to Haiti, then into the halls of privilege.  It’s a tale of secret lovers, exiled princesses, death by veganism, and religious heresies. But is this an outsiders perspective?  Or one of a man drawn into the web of seduction?

Published by Penguin.


First Line:  “Mrs. Revere took the steps one at a time, down from the hotel to the terrace, mauve hair floating above her in a baroque cloud.”

Last Line:  “In the corridor she ran ahead to collect a few things.”